Partner Colleges

Partner Colleges

We partner with three regionally accredited universities to provide credit for our individual courses. We provide the courses, and our partner university provides the credit. Below are the universities we partner with and the types of credit they provide:

College Name Credit Type Available
United States University Semester Credits
Brandman University PDU
Brandman University Semester Credits

Articulation Agreements with Associated Colleges

Many schools, colleges and universities across the nation use our online math and general education courses to supplement their student's curriculum and/or meet prerequisite requirements. Below is a list of some of our associated colleges, and their requirements for their students using our program. Some of these colleges permit their students to use the non-credit option for prerequisite courses. If your school is not on this list, then choosing United States University or Woodbury University with their semester credits and official transcript, should be accepted by your school. It is a good idea to ask your counselor or evaluator for pre-approval for the course that you would like to transfer. Find the desired course on the Available Courses, and then read the pre-approval instructions at the lower part of that page. If the course you want to take is to be used for college graduation, then enroll under the semester credit option. None of the other credit options will work for meeting graduation requirements. If your school is on this list, click on the name of your school and enroll from that page. It will attach your school to your account, making it easy for your school to view your progress.

Your School Your school wants you to enroll via
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