Cal State Maritime

Cal State Maritime

Non-Credit or Brandman University.

Cal State Maritime permits their students to take remedial courses through Westcott Courses under the following conditions:

Early Start & Remediation Requirements:
Certain high school students entering a Cal State University must satisfy the Early Start requirement in the summer before first enrolling, and also remediate before the start of their sophomore year in both math and English.

If the student's skill level permits, it is highly recommended that the student fully remediates before the beginning of the freshman year. Cal Maritime permits their students to satisfy these requirements using our courses. The links below will enroll you in the course and put you under the admin account for Cal Maritime. This gives them ability to track your progress and retrieve your certificate of completion when you have finished the course.

Math - Early Start and Remediation:

Enroll Now in the Early Start ELM Prep Course

Students can take an Early Start class, such as our ESM 40 ELM Prep Course, and then remediate by either passing the ELM exam or passing Intermediate Algebra by the end of their freshman year. A student can satisfy both the Early Start and Remediation requirements at the same time by passing Intermediate Algebra. If a student passed Algebra ll in High School, then he/she should be able to pass Intermediate Algebra and satisfy both the Early Start and remediation requirement at the same time. If the student fails this course, then Cal Maritime will still count the course as satisfying the Early Start requirement. The student will still need to pass the ELM exam or pass Intermediate Algebra by the end of their Freshman year. (Our Intermediate Algebra course is equivalent to Cal Maritime's Math 001.) The choice on how to satisfy both requirements is up to the student.

Cal Maritime students can enroll through the global database under San Francisco State University, or use this link. Students using this link will be enrolled via our site only, and will not be included in the global database. Cal State Maritime will download your grade directly from us and clear your Early Start requirement in their database.

English - Early Start and Remediation:
Students can take our remedial English course "College Reading & Composition", which will satisfy Early Start and remediation at the same time. (Equivalent to Cal Maritime's English 001.) Once the student passes this course, they are ready to take English Composition. (Our English 132 course or Cal Maritime's EGL 100.)

Enroll in Math Remediation:

Intermediate Algebra: This link will enroll you in Intermediate Algebra, and put you under an admin account at Cal Maritime, so that they can track your progress and retrieve your certificate of completion. Make sure you keep track of important dates with Cal Maritime for when you need to have this class finished. You have five months plus a 30 day extension with Omega Math, but you will most likely need to be finished before that to meet Cal Martimes's deadline. Cal Maritime requires the final be proctored and that you earn at least a 60% or higher on the final exam. The final exam must be proctored at college testing center or a Sylvan Learning Center. If you would like to take the final at Cal Maritime's testing center, please contact Vineeta Dhillon, Lab Building Room 115, to schedule an appointment. To set up a proctoring at another college or Sylvan Learning Center, please read the "Proctor Final Set Up" choices inside your student account.

Transferable Math Classes:

College Algebra, Statistics and higher level mathematics courses need to be taken under our credit option which goes through Brandman University.

Enroll in English Remediation:

College Reading and Composition: This link will enroll you in College Reading and Composition, and put you under an admin account at Cal Maritime, so that they can track your progress and retrieve your certificate of completion. The English class starts approximately once a month and runs for eight weeks. This course is taught by a full-time English instructor from a California Community college. Please check the schedule for dates and times, as well as late enrollment periods. There is limited space in this class, so please sign up as soon as possible to ensure you have a virtual seat in the class.