About Us

Westcott Courses INC., and Omega Math

Westcott Courses has become a primary source for students of all ages to discover the enjoyment of learning mathematics and other general education courses. Since there is no set class schedule, students study when and where it's convenient for them. The developers of Westcott Courses accommodate the needs of the K12 schools, homeschools, colleges, universities, and individuals in the general public.

Why our online courses are successful with the students
  • Westcott Courses has been online since 1996.
  • Student feedback was asked for and updates were made.
  • If a few students asked questions in the same area, more content was added.
  • The online courses have been proven to be more effective than on-campus classes.
  • Because the lessons have been edited by the students, and thus a tremendous amount of content added, there are very few math questions today.
  • Westcott Courses keeps the site as simple as possible so that students don't become overwhelmed with high-tech overload.
Benefits of the online courses

The online Omega Math courses work very well in the classroom setting. We have many K12 schools that use our program for their on-campus curriculum. One teacher can have students in Basic Math, Algebra l, Algebra ll and/or Geometry all in the same classroom. Our courses meet Common Core standards.

  • Several of our courses are UC Approved.
  • Students are taught by a math teacher with a graduate degree in mathematics.
  • Online courses can be beneficial for hearing impaired students and students with other disabilities.
  • Single moms with limited child care can use the online curriculum at home.
  • Schools with budget problems or small schools who can't afford several different classes can benefit from our online courses.
  • The online courses work well for students who are either behind in math or are gifted.
  • Everyone can work independently.
How the Omega MathTM lessons were developed

Nancy Davis is the author of the online math curriculum. When she first started teaching in the late 1980's, she became interested in how students learned math. Students always told her the lessons seemed easy when she was explaining the topics in class, but when they got home they forgot what she said and the light bulb had turned off. Many topics in math are too deep for students to fully understand the first time around; they need to have material demonstrated several times. Curriculum time constraints make this impossible in the classroom, so Ms. Davis began writing booklets to send home with the students.

Ms. Davis sent the lessons home with the students, and asked them to go over the lessons and let her know where they got lost. The places where the students got lost needed better explanations and/or more examples. Ms. Davis would realize a more efficient way to present the concepts and would add more examples at those points. The booklets would then be sent home again with the students from the next semester. This continued until there were no more questions, and students reported they understood the entire section.

Every booklet included many examples with clearly written explanations to goes along with each type of problem. The lessons started out with the easiest example and then moved to the more advanced problems. At each topic level, there were interactive problems for the students to work out. After the students worked out a problem on their own, the concept was cemented into long term memory.

These booklets were used for the basis of the online math courses. Even though there are thousands of students using the online curriculum, Westcott Courses/Omega Math get very few questions. Many adults and youths have benefited from the online courses, and have been able to advance in school and move toward their goals.

About the Founder of Omega Math and Westcott Courses

Nancy Davis started out at a Community College where she earned an Associates of Science in Mathematics and Science. She received her Bachelors degree in Mathematics, and then continued on to earn her graduate degree in Pure Mathematics and a second in Teaching Mathematics.

Ms. Davis has been an instructor of Mathematics and Computer Science since 1989. She has taught at Community Colleges as well as at the University level. Her range of Math instruction is Basic Math, all levels of Algebra, Calculus, Finite Mathematics and Computer Science. Each year Ms. Davis has excellent evaluations from students and faculty alike. Students often comment on how delighted they are with her unique teaching methods, and claim they understand math for the first time in their lives. Many students suggested that she write a textbook, so these comments prompted Ms. Davis to start writing the booklets for her students. In 1996, the university that she worked at the time asked her to write an online math course, and that lead to other colleges asking for other courses. To date, Ms. Davis has written nine mathematics courses.

Ms. Davis is now retired from a California State University and is the director of Westcott Courses and Omega Math.