Math Remediation:

The admissions offices at many universities use our Intermediate Algebra course for students accepted for fall admission, but either did not pass their High School Algebra ll course and/or failed the Entry Level Mathematics test. For these students, acceptance for fall entrance is rescinded unless remediation is immediate. We work closely with universities such as Cal State Maritime, Cal State Chico and San Francisco State University to provide their students with our Omega MathTM Intermediate Algebra course, which has a high student remediation success rate. This program makes a difference for a lot of students on whether they are able to retain their fall acceptance.

These universities have an admin account within our system, which lets them keep track of their student's progress and grades. Some universities use our non-credit option and utilize the certificate of completion system from within their admin account. This system generates a certificate when a student has taken his/her proctored final, and passed the class. Other universities require an official transcript for the course from one of our regionally accredited partner universities (WASC).

English Remediation:

Our English course "College Reading and Composition", is a remedial course which concentrates on vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. Emphasis is on sentence structure, paragraph and essay structure, grammar, and critical thinking skills. This course is taught by California Community College instructors who use the same content in their state campus classes. This content along with the dedicated teachers have a proven track record of student success!

We are able to accommodate many requests which help universities meet their rules and requirements for student remediation on their campus.