ELM Prep Course (Entry Level Mathematics Exam for CSU)

ELM Prep Course (Entry Level Mathematics Exam for CSU)

Course Description

This course was designed for California State University students who need to take and pass the ELM (Entry Level Mathematics) exam. The course is completely online: lessons, homework, solution manuals, quizzes, chapter tests and the final exam. Topics include fractions, decimals, rational and integer exponents, order of operation, linear equations, percentages, ratio and proportions, polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations, graphing linear and quadratic equations, linear systems in two variables, inequalities, absolute value equations and inequalities, distance and midpoint formulas, and basic skills in geometry.

IMPORTANT for SFSU students: San Francisco State university wants you to enroll in ESM 40 via your SFSU smart page. (Click on "How to Sign Up".) Therefore, SFSU student should NOT enroll with the link below on this page, they should use this smart page/developmentalstudies link to enroll.

Students from other CSU's should use the link above during the open enrollment of May - July, with the exception of Cal State Maritime students. Cal Maritime student may use the link below on this page to enroll in the Elm Prep Course.
Please contact us at 805-489-2831 or support@westcottcourses.com, if you need help deciding how to enroll.";

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Course Name: ELM Prep Course (Entry Level Mathematics Exam for CSU)

Course Code: none

Non-credit: 0


A certificate of completion is issued from Omega Math. This course under the non-credit option does not go through one of our partner universities; thus, a transcript is not included with the course.


Enrollment Schedule:

Enroll any day of the year, and start that same day. Students have five months of access, plus a 30 day extension at the end if needed. Students can finish the self-paced courses as soon as they are able. Most students finish the lower level courses in 4 - 8 weeks. The upper level math classes, such as Calculus and above, usually take students 3-4 months. (Note: The 30-day extension cannot take your total course time six months beyond the date of enrollment. At the end of the six months, we must post a grade with the university.)

Required Textbook:

No outside textbook is needed. Our Omega MathTM courses contain all the lessons, homework, solution manuals, quizzes, tests and the final. Our lessons start out with the easiest example, and then moves slowly to the more advanced problems. Between examples, there are interactive problems which make sure the student understands the concepts, as well as enables the student to store the information into long term memory.

Grading Mode:

Standard Letter Grade

Proctored Final: No

Application Fee: $0

Other Fees: $0

Full Course Price: $181.00

Payment Plan: First payment of $103.05 and a second payment 30 days later of $84.95.

Note: Payment Plan option is broken down into two payments. The first payment is 55% and the second payment, due 30 days later, is 45% of the total course cost. Payment Plan includes a $7.00 convenience fee split between the two payments.

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Course Requirements:

  • Must have Internet access.
  • Must have access to email.
  • Omega MathTM Classes - Must be at or above a 7th grade reading level. Remaining courses require at least a 12 grade reading level.

Pre-approval from your college

Westcott Courses/Omega Math is the teacher of the course, and a certificate of completion is issued. A course under the non-credit option cannot be used towards college graduation; however, it may be able to be used as a prerequisite at some colleges, such as College of the Desert, and/or graduate programs. View the Associated College page to see if your school is listed. If your school is not on this list, then ask your counselor for pre-approval by sending him/her the link to this page. If your school is not on our list, they will most likely want the official transcript and semester credits from our credit option.

3 Certification of Completion from Omega Math and Westcott Courses.