Description of Early Start 1 Unit ELM Prep Course

  • Designed by Omega Math - 20 years' experience administering online math classes to thousands of students.
  • This course can be adopted by any CSU for future use in their Early Start Programs.
  • Course can be customized to suit the needs of any CSU.
  • Can accommodate a high volume of student use without slowdown of class.
  • Each campus has an admin portal to view their students' progress, usage and grades 24/7.
  • We take care of everything: teach
    the class (ADA compliant), answer phone calls and emails from parents and students,
    answer math questions, send out emails every three days to all the students
    with a progress report on if they are on track or behind, create customized
    reports for Early Start staff, have grades ready the day after the class
  • Course has built-in mechanisms for spotting cheating: during quizzes, tests or the final exam.

Our Staff/ teachers of ELM Prep Course
Knowledgeable and friendly staff, available to answer students' questions by phone and email. Even during peak periods of the course, we deliver timely responses to student and parents' questions via phone or email. Advisors and staff monitor students' progress by sending mini-progress reports to students' emails every 3 days: messages encourage good time management. Reminders are also sent out to remind students of deactivation time.

Cost for the class - $75 per enrolled student (i.e., campus collects $182 per student, of that $75 pays for Omega Math teachers, support staff, day-to-day operations during class, and grading of class.)

Endorsement from SF State regarding Omega Math/ ESM 40 Partnership
"We were very impressed with the close attention and excellent customer service we received while working with Westcott Courses/Omega Math to develop and launch our online, one-unit Early Start math course. Westcott was responsive to our needs every step of the way from the curriculum design process to the delivery of the final product to our students. By working with Westcott Courses/Omega Math, we were able to significantly reduce the faculty and staff time spent on administering our online Early Start math course."
Kim Altura
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
Chair, Early Start Committee
San Francisco State University

Course Description
Prerequisite: First time freshman with an ELM score below 50.
Self-paced online Early Start math course. Prepares students for key topics in ELM as well as elementary and intermediate algebra. Does not count toward the baccalaureate degree. (CR/NC/RP grading only.) (Note: This course does NOT allow students to "move-up" unless they retake the ELM test.)

Class basics
4 Chapters – one per week for 4 weeks
Reviews ELM content – designed for ELM retesting after the class
Homework reinforces each lesson – each lesson ends with short quiz.
4 Chapter tests + 1 final

Accessible for students with disabilities
Course has been tested and approved by SFSU's Disability Office for ADA compliance.

Results of 1st class summer 2015
1st class in summer 2015 – 94% who used all the class activities passed (i.e., read all lessons, did homework, took all quizzes.)

Access to campuses
Each campus can have log in ability to view students, and download reports and grades 24/7. Reports can be customized to suit each CSU's needs.

Course is taken as credit or no credit. After the course is over, campus can download students' final grades immediately. Campuses can request customized reports to download which show students' status in the class –for example, highest lesson/test taken, when they started the class, and reason for not passing, if applicable.

ELM Re-test Results
Approximately 10% of the class retook the ELM test at SF State on Aug 1, 2015.
70% of the students who took our course and then retook the ELM, scored higher than before. Of those students who passed our course and then retook the ELM, 54% moved up a level of remediation or completely cleared their remediation.