College Reading and Composition

  • This online remedial English course is taught in the traditional manner by a full-time California Community college English instructor.
  • The course can be adopted by any CSU for future use in their Early Start Programs.
  • Courses can be customized to suit the needs of any CSU.
  • The course typically runs for 8 weeks, but can be adjusted to the desired CSU's timeline.
  • We take care of everything: teach the class, answer phone calls and emails from parents and students, create customized reports for Early Start staff, post grades after the class ends.
  • Each campus has an admin portal to view their students' progress, usage and grades 24/7.

How this course is used

  • Meets the Early Start English requirement.
  • Used as a prerequisite to Freshman Composition, at CSU campuses which offer remedial English.
  • Community colleges accept this course as a prerequisite for their English Composition course.

Staff/ Teachers
Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, available to answer students' questions by phone and email in a timely manner. Teacher is available to students via email.

Class Basics
This course meets the prerequisite for English Composition.

Course Description: Provides a basic course in college reading and writing. Emphasis is on sentence structure, paragraph and essay structure, grammar, and critical thinking skills.
Prerequisite: None


  1. Read and analyze a variety of essays, short stories, and articles.
  2. Write critical responses to a variety of readings, including at least one novel, for a total of 1500-2500 words.
  3. Participate in online discussions and collaborate with their peers on various assignments, including, but not limited to, peer review of essays and group responses related to the reading.
  4. Write 3-4 analytical/expository essays for a total of 2500-4000 words.
  5. Identify their own patterns of error after learning the rules of the most common grammar and punctuation errors.
  6. Understand the elements of writing as a process of prewriting, drafting, and revising.

Access to campuses, monitoring their students
Each campus has an admin account to view their student's progress, usage and grades 24/7.Customized reports are available upon request.

After class is over, campus can view final exam grade, and course grade. If the student does not pass, the reason(s) for not passing is given.

Time to complete the course
This course typically starts once a month and runs for eight weeks.Based on your universities needs, the course can be compressed to a shorter period of time.

Transcript or Certificate
An official transcript, with academic semester credits, can be issued from Brandman University. Note: If taking the course through Brandman University, the cost of the course is higher.

A certificate of completion can be made available from Omega Math to certify grade and completion of course. This is a less expensive option.