Intermediate Algebra

  • Designed by Omega Math - 20 years experience administering online math classes to thousands of students.
  • This course can be adopted by any CSU for future use in their Early Start Programs.
  • This course can be customized to suit the needs of any CSU.
  • We take care of everything: teach the class, answer phone calls and emails from parents and students, answer math questions, send out emails every three days to all the students with a progress report on if they are on track or behind, create customized reports for Early Start staff, have grades ready the day after the class ends.
  • Course has built-in mechanisms for spotting cheating: during quizzes, tests or the final exam.
  • Can accommodate a high volume of student use without slowdown of class.
  • Each campus has an admin portal to view their students' progress, usage and grades 24/7.

How this course is used

  • This course, if passed with a C or better clears the EO 665 remediation requirement for CSU students.
  • CSU's and community colleges accept this course as a prerequisite for their College Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus or Statistics courses.

Staff/ Teachers
Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, available to answer students' questions by phone and email in a timely manner. Teacher is available to students via email. Students' progress in the class is monitored every three days, and an email is sent to each student with their progress report.

Class Basics
This course meets the prerequisite for College Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Introduction to Statistics.

Course Description: Intermediate Algebra is designed to broaden and expand the concepts of Elementary Algebra/Algebra l. This course covers all the essential topics needed to be successful in College Algebra, Statistics or Precalculus. Topics include: algebraic techniques with polynomials, rational expressions and equations, exponents, radical expressions and equations, factoring, linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, logarithmic and exponential functions, solving systems of two or more linear equations, mathematical modeling, complex numbers, counting, sequences and series, functions and their graphs. Upon completion, students will be able to solve real world problems and use appropriate models for analysis.


  • 10 chapters with 3 - 7 lessons per chapter.
  • Students are encouraged to do the homework immediately following each lesson.
  • Each lesson ends with a short quiz.
  • At the end of each chapter is a chapter test. Quiz and chapter tests are instantly graded online.
  • Students can take each test and quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores counts towards their grade. This feature enables students to figure out what they did wrong before pushing forward, providing them with a deeper understanding of the course material.
  • At the end of chapter 10 is the final exam. Students arrange for a proctored final exam, which can be taken at any college testing center or Sylvan Learning Center.Finals are also digitally monitored by Westcott, while student is at the testing center.

Access to campuses, monitoring their students
Each campus has an admin account to view their student's progress, usage and grades 24/7.Customized reports are available upon request.

After class is over, campus can view final exam grade, and course grade. If the student does not pass, the reason(s) for not passing is given.

Time to complete the course
Most students take 4-8 weeks to complete the course.

Transcript or Certificate
An official transcript, with academic semester credits, can be issued from Brandman University. Note: If taking the course through Brandman University, the cost of the course is higher. A certificate of completion can be made available from Omega Math to certify grade and completion of course. This is a less expensive option.