Westcott Courses has become the course provider for Edumadic, a travel company that organizes and leads travel programs abroad for online students who want to combine their studies with travel. Edumadic will provide a free Westcott course for students who book a trip with them this year.

The idea behind Edumadic is simple, if your classes are online, why not take them from the beaches of Bali, the Jungles of Costa Rica, or the cafes of Europe? If you sign up for an Edumadic program this year and use the code WESTCOTT in your application, Edumadic will include one Westcott course, from the list below, in your program fees at no extra charge.

List of courses available as part of Edumadic's offer.
Visit Edumadic's web site and find out more about Traveling while earning college credit.

Note: Edumadic is an independent company from Westcott, and this offer is provided through Edumadic. Please check with them to see if this offer extends into next year.

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