Colleges across the U.S. use our courses to accommodate their support programs such as EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services), TRIO, ACES, CARE, MESA etc., that are designed to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Below are three of the main ways colleges use our courses to assist their students.

Student Readiness:
Many support programs use our remedial courses to prepare students for upcoming on campus classes. Students that take our courses before their official class begins are more successful and confident in their abilities to learn.

Prerequisite Courses:
Most community colleges accept the official transcript from UMass Global, who is regionally accredited by WASC. Academic semester credits are awarded for the courses.

For prerequisite courses, some colleges permit their students to take our courses under the noncredit option instead of requiring an official transcript. This gives their students a low cost alternative to waiting for an available opening in a campus class. For example, College of the Desert permits their students to take our Basic Math/Pre Algebra, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra all under the noncredit option. These classes are used as the prerequisites for College Algebra and/or Statistics at College of the Desert. College of the Desert has a Westcott admin account, where they log in and view their students progress. When a student finishes a remedial course, the COD counselor retrieves the student's certificate of completion and clears them of the prerequisite in the COD database.

Transferable General Education Courses:
Our transferable level, general education courses go through UMass Global. Our courses meet or exceed college standards, and we continually implement student feedback to ensure that all students are provided with the best curriculum possible. Our teachers are teachers from either a California State University, or a California Community College who teach the same course on their state campus.

Students can take our Intermediate Algebra course under the credit option, and then transfer it to their community college. This course meets the math requirement for an A.A. degree at most community colleges. Students can also take our College Algebra or Statistics course which meets the math requirement for a four year degree.

We also have many other GE courses available, and are constantly working to add more courses to our offerings. For a complete list, visit our courses.

If you would like more information on how Westcott Courses/Omega Math can help your students be successful, please contact us.