How it Works

Westcott Courses specializes in individual courses for students who need a specific course(s) to transfer back to their home college. We work closely with Brandman University, which is regionally accredited, to create online curriculum that meets or exceeds college requirements for remedial and transferable courses. We provide the content, the teachers and the platform. This includes our trademark Omega MathTM mathematics courses, whose format is very popular among students. Brandman university reviews the course content to make sure it meets regional accreditation standards, and then provides the credits for the course on an official transcript. Students receive the transcript directly from Brandman Universities records office, and can also request a copy be sent to their home college. Student have the opportunity to earn university credits through Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System! View the Accreditation page for verification.

For our Omega MathTM courses, everything is online: lessons, homework, solution manuals, quizzes, tests and the final. Thus, any class that is an Omega MathTM course does not require an outside textbook, and includes everything you'll need in the cost of the course.

Most of our self-paced courses have rolling enrollment, which means you can enroll any day of the year, and get started that same day. Once you enroll, you have five months of access with a 30 day extension at the end if needed. However, you can finish as soon as you are able, and most students finish in four to twelve weeks. Some classes have hard start and stop dates and run for eight weeks. To meet regional accrediting rules, courses that meet the math or general education requirement for a two or four year degree must have a proctored final.

How do I sign up?

Credit Type Choice:
Browse our available courses, and click on the desired course. Once you are on the course detail page you will be given two blue tab options, and you must select which credit type you would like to take the class under. Choose either semester credits or non-credit. If you are using the course to transfer to your college to use towards graduation, you must choose the semester credit option. Courses used for a prerequisite for another course should be semester credits; however, some colleges let their students take our courses under the non-credit option. These are colleges who made the decision to use our non-credit option. If your college is not on this list, then you will want to enroll under the credit option, and receive an official transcript through Brandman University.

Payment Choice:
Once you have decided which credit type works best for you, click the "Enroll Now" button which will take you to the registration page for that course. At the top of the registration page, is the full cost of the course. It will also post the payment plan option, which breaks the payment into two payments. The first payment is charged on the day you register, and the second payment is charged 30 days later. Your account is activated right away regardless of your payment choice.

Why not go directly through the college?
Westcott Courses is a content provider, and has developed these courses for non-campus students for our partner university. Therefore, these courses are only available through our site, and are not available directly through the university. We work very hard to keep costs down for each of our courses. We believe any student, regardless of financial status, should have the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality education.

How do I transfer the credit?
Please Visit: Transferring the Credit

What sets Westcott Courses apart from any other online course provider?
Westcott Courses, INC and Omega MathTM have been online since 1996. Our math classes are the most effective math classes in today's market because each lesson has been classroom tested by the students for over twenty years. The lessons were written by Nancy Davis, a college math and computer science teacher, with a graduate degree in pure mathematics as well as a master's degree in teaching mathematics.

Over the years, we have gradually identified areas in the lessons where students found certain concepts difficult to understand. Content was added and clarified in areas where students had questions, to the point where the questions ceased. Because of the many years of refining the courses, Omega Math receives very few math questions today.

The lessons start out with the easiest examples, and then move slowly to the more advanced problems. At each level, there are interactive problems which make sure the student understands the examples, as well as enables the student to store the information into long term memory. Students can take each test and quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores counts towards their grade. This feature enables students to figure out what they did wrong before pushing forward, providing them with a deeper understanding of the course material and storing it into long term memory.

So whether you're in need of one class or several, our courses will help you meet your goals.