How do nursing prerequisites at Westcott Courses work?

Westcott Courses offers online fast-track transferable college level prerequisite courses for nursing and other health related programs, such as physical therapy, physician’s assistant and pharmacy school programs. Westcott's accelerated learning permits health care related prerequisites to be completed quickly. Students can sign up any day of the year, start that same day, and finish as soon as they are able, with a minimum coursework time of four weeks. Five months of access are provided to complete the course (with a 30 day extension at the end if needed), but most students finish a course in 4-8 weeks. Students who know the material and just need an updated transcript, usually finish the course in four weeks. Our exclusive partner university is UMass Global. UMass Global is regionally accredited by WASC, and awards semester credits and a transcript for our courses. Westcott Courses is listed as the teacher, and once a student finishes a course, their grade is sent to UMass Global. Students then order their transcript directly from UMass Global's records office.

All of the courses at Westcott Courses have been designed by a qualified college instructor that holds at least a master's degree in their field, or related field of study. Westcott offers math, English, psychology, and both physical and biological sciences. All of our teachers either currently teach, or have taught the exact same course on either a community college campus or a California state university campus.

Health related prerequisites

We provide online college courses in English, Math, Science, and Psychology; so that students can quickly obtain the prerequisites they need for their 4-year health related program. You can enroll from the links below.
Courses include:
Human Anatomy with or without Laboratory (course and labs are online and textbook free)
Human Physiology with or without Laboratory (course and labs are online and textbook free)
Microbiology with or without Laboratory (course and labs are online and textbook free)
General Biology (online and textbook free)
Principles of Chemistry with or without Laboratory (course and labs are online and textbook free)

Intermediate Algebra (online and textbook free)
College Algebra (online and textbook free)
Introduction to Statistics and Probability (online and textbook free)

English Composition (online and textbook free)
Introduction to Psychology (online and textbook free)

Why our courses are the best

The curriculum for each course is designed by a teacher from a California Community College or State University. Each teacher is hand-picked for their excellent ratings from students and proven track record at their respective institution. Our courses are extensively tested in the classroom, and are accredited by WASC. We have been providing online courses from the k-12 to university level since 1996. Our website is simple and easy to use - we focus on creating the most convenient learning experience possible, and provide individualized student support. Free academic advising is available; please call 415-603-4088 if you would like assistance.

Textbook-free courses

Textbook prices are rising! Most publishers release new editions of textbooks that add little value, and each time a new edition comes out, colleges decide to use it, rendering the old edition useless. This makes it next to impossible for students to save money by buying used books or selling their used ones.

Our science courses use open source textbooks from Rice University, as well as open source materials for the laboratories. Thus, there are no textbook fees for these courses.

Westcott Courses is the content publisher of the Omega MathTM courses. For these courses, all the content that would normally be in a textbook is completely online, and included in the cost of the course.

At Westcott Courses, we believe that whenever possible, the cost of the course should cover the cost of the content. We keep our content constantly up to date with new examples, fixes, and other improvements, so students always get the most up to date content. We listen to student feedback, and use that feedback to improve our content.

Effective and convenient learning experience

Our best online courses have been proven to be more effective than on-campus classes. This is due to the student's ability to go back and read a lesson several times until they completely understand the topic. This is particularly ideal for students who are behind, or need a flexible course schedule. This format is also great for students who are gifted; they have the ability to complete a class quickly, and then move onto the next course without waiting for the class to catch up, or the next enrollment period.

Westcott Courses takes extra care to ensure that all students are able to access the content without needing special devices or plugins. Our online learning system works great on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Our system is simpler and easier to use than most common learning management systems; allowing the student to focus on the educational experience without worries of technical problems.

Proven Track Record

Since 1996, we have worked with thousands of online schools, K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities to develop and deliver mathematics and general education content and programs to hundreds of thousands of students.

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