Intermediate Algebra: Non-credit option
College Algebra, Statistics and higher level mathematics courses: UMass Global option.

Unless otherwise directed, Cal State Chico wants you to enroll in our Intermediate Algebra course.
Please use this enrollment link:

Intermediate Algebra(Non-credit) - Enroll Now.
This link will enroll you in Intermediate Algebra, and put you under an admin account at Cal State Chico, so that they can track your progress and proctor your final.

Make sure you keep track of important dates with Cal State Chico for when you need to have this class finished . You have five months plus a 30 day extension with Omega Math, but you will most likely need to be finished before that to meet Cal State Chico's deadline. The Cal State Chico deadlines can be found inside your account under "Proctored Final Setup Instructions". The link for the contract that Chico wants you to sign is also located under this link. Cal State Chico requires the final be proctored and that you earn at least a 60% or higher on the final exam.
Contact the math department at Cal State Chico when you are ready to set up your proctored final. They will administer the final.