Southwestern permits their students to take remedial & transferable courses through Westcott Courses under the following conditions:

Enrollment Conditions

1. If the desired course is to be used as a prerequisite for another course, then the student may take the course under our non-credit option. Make sure you register on this page for the class. Registration from this page puts you under Southwestern's admin account, which ensures your counselor has access to your grades and will be able to transfer them into the Southwestern database. All the lessons, homework, solution manual, tests and quizzes are online, so there are no extra textbook fees. Payment Plan Available

Basic Math -Prealgebra(Non-credit) - "Southwestern's Math 35" - Enroll Now
Elementary Algebra(Non-credit) - "Southwestern's Math 45" - Enroll Now
Intermediate Algebra(Non-credit) - "Southwestern's (Math 60 + Math 70)" - Enroll Now

Southwestern College Requires:
i) A prerequisite clearance for Intermediate Algebra and higher level courses is needed before Southwestern will accept the course. Please email counselor James Rose, and ask him to email us your prerequisite clearance. Once you enroll, you have 30 days to meet this requirement. During this 30-day period you are given access to the course, but you will not be able to take the final until the prerequisite has been cleared. If proof of the prerequisite has not been received within the 30 days of enrollment, your account will be placed on hold until it is cleared.

ii) A Proctored Final for Elementary Algebra and higher level courses is mandatory. Students must obtain at least a 60% on the final to get a C or better in the class. The proctored final can be taken at the Southwestern's testing center. (619) 482-6348 Email:

2. If the desired course (Intermediate Algebra or higher) is to be used to meet the math requirement for graduation at Southwestern College and/or transfer, then the desired course must be taken under our  UMass Global (regionally accredited(WASC)) credit option. The student will receive semester credits for the class, and the transcript will come directly from UMass Global. (Westcott Courses/Omega Math is the teacher on record, and thus does not appear on the transcript.) All the lessons, homework, solution manual, tests and quizzes are online so there are no extra textbook fees. Payment Plan Available

Intermediate Algebra(via  UMass Global ) - "Southwestern's (Math 60+Math70)" - Enroll Now
College Algebra(via  UMass Global ) - "Southwestern's Math 101" - Enroll Now
Trigonometry(via  UMass Global ) - "Southwestern's Math 104" - Enroll Now
Introduction to Statistics and Probability (via  UMass Global ) - "Southwestern's Math 119" - Enroll Now
Precalculus(via  UMass Global ) - "Southwestern's Math 244" - Enroll Now

Note: Intermediate Algebra can be used towards graduation at Southwestern, but it is not a high enough level to use for transferring to a 4-year university.
College Algebra or Introduction to Statistics can be used to meet your math requirement for a 4-year degree, and these courses under our  UMass Global credit option are transferable to a CSU, UC or other 4-year university. Some majors require Statistics, so check with your counselor to see which class is best for your major.

Once you fill out the one page form and enroll, you can log in and start the class.  When you are finished with a course, you can contact James Rose at Let him know you are finished with the course, and he can pull your certificate of completion into the Southwestern database.