Enroll in nursing prerequisite courses under Sri Sai Krish Institute.

The following links enroll you in the selected course, and put you under the admin account for Sri Sai Krish Institute. This gives Sri Sai Krish Institute the ability to verify your enrollment, and track your progress.

Science Courses:

  • Human Anatomy with Laboratory (4 credits) -  Enroll Now
  • Human Physiology with Laboratory (4 credits) -  Enroll Now
  • Microbiology with Laboratory (4 credits)  - Enroll Now

English Courses:

Math Courses:

  • Intermediate Algebra (3 credits) - Enroll Now
  • Introduction to Statistics and Probability (3 credits) - Enroll Now


  • Introduction to Psychology - (3 credits) - Enroll Now

The science, math and psychology courses require a proctored final.  Please read about available Proctored Final testing.  We do have a testing center approved for online proctoring, and students who have a computer with a camera can use their service.

Once you have completed the course(s), you will need to order a transcript from UMass Global's records office and have it mailed to Sri Sai Krish Institute, 12362 Beach Blvd., Suite#14, Stanton, CA 90680.  You can click on "Request Transcripts" from within your Westcott account, and it will help you navigate UMass Global's system to order your transcript for SSKI.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Nancy Davis, 415-603-4088.