Acclaim Education permits their students to take transferable prerequisite courses through Westcott Courses.

UMass Global University is the accrediting university for these courses, and students will order their transcript directly through UMass Global's records office.

Acclaim Education Requires the following courses for their programs.  You can enroll in your first course by clicking on "Enroll Now".  Once you fill out the one page form, you will be enrolled in the course and receive an account.  From your account, you can click on "My Courses" and add other courses.
General Biology
Human Anatomy with Laboratory
Human Physiology with Laboratory
Microbiology with Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry with Laboratory
English Composition
Introduction to Psychology

Students attending a private school will need to take College Algebra, and students attending a state college will need to take College Algebra and Statistics.  Note: Intermediate Algebra is a requirement to take College Algebra.

We use OpenStax textbooks by Rice University, which are totally free to the students.  Except for Chemistry we use open source labs, so there is no extra charge for the labs.  For example, we use the open source labs for Anatomy created by the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine.   For Chemistry, students will need an additional account at Smart Sparrow which provides virtual online chem labs.

All of the math courses have been written and digital engineered by Westcott, so there are no textbook fees for these courses as well.

Student can use the Payment Plan to split the cost of the course into two payments, and pay the 2nd payment 30 days after enrollment.

The above courses require a Proctored Final, and students can use our approved online proctor.

Once you fill out the one page form for any of the above courses, you can log in and start the class immediately.