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Mission Statement

Since 1996, we have been committed to providing high quality and affordable education to learners of all ages. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong foundation in critical thinking and education can inspire students to create, to challenge, and to become leaders who will impact their communities and the world. We strongly believe these goals can be achieved through traditional comprehensive content and a user friendly digital environment.


The online curriculum has been classroom tested for more than 20 years, and is continuously updated to ensure the best possible content is provided to our students. Nancy Davis is the author of the online math curriculum. When she first started teaching college level mathematics in the late 1980's, she became interested in how students learned math. Students always told her the lessons seemed easy when she was explaining the topics in class, but when they got home it was a different story. Many topics in math are too deep for students to fully understand the first time around, they need to have material demonstrated several times. Curriculum time constraints make this impossible in the classroom, so Ms. Davis began writing booklets to send home with the students.

Ms. Davis sent the lessons home with the students, and asked them to go over the examples and let her know where they got lost. The places where the students got lost needed better explanations and/or more examples. Ms. Davis would realize a more efficient way to present the concepts and would add more examples at those points. The booklets would then be sent home again with the students from the next semester. This continued until there were no more questions, and students reported they understood the entire section.

Every booklet included many examples with the English explanation that goes along with each problem. The lessons started out with the easiest example and then moved to the more advanced problems. At each topic level, there were interactive problems for the students to work out. After the students worked out a problem on their own, the concept was cemented into long term memory.

These booklets were used for the basis of the online math courses. As of today, thousands of adults and youths have benefited from the online courses and have been able to advance in school and move toward their goals.