How the Licensing Works for Schools, Districts & Colleges

Our system is designed to deliver teacher and coordinator accounts which provide all the access needed to manage multiple teachers and their students. The initial coordinator/teacher account can be set up within 30 minutes of contacting us, and you can start managing your students right away. Each student has 9 months of access in each mathematics class. Other disciplines may vary.

A coordinator/teacher can obtain their student's test and quiz scores, test and quiz keys, current average and final grade, control the number of tests a student can take per chapter, determine student usage, and control proctored or non-proctored tests.

One teacher can have students in Basic Math, Algebra l, Algebra ll and/or Geometry all in the same room. This is especially helpful in small schools. A teacher is able to have more students in the classroom and have more personal interaction, as we take on the responsibility of lectures, testing and grading. Teachers no longer go home with a stack of papers to grade. Our system does it all!

We service large and small schools, districts and states. We also service large online schools with contracts in multiple states.

There are two ways a school/college can utilize our courses:

Option 1 - Courses are paid for by the students

With this option, your school sends students to enroll and pay individually under a special account designed for your school. Your students then fall under a coordinator/teacher account for your school, so that you can verify enrollment, monitor progress, view grades, follow usage, and confirm the student's final grade.

Option 2 - Courses are paid for by the school/college

This option provides a sizeable discount on courses per student, compared to the previous option. The discount depends on how many students are being enrolled. Account administrators purchase credits and use those credits to enroll students in courses. We accept checks, credit cards and purchase orders for this option.

Please view the school prices page for more information.

For more information on the advantages that our courses provide, visit our why our courses are the best page.