How the Teacher & Coordinator Accounts Work

Westcott Publishing has both teacher and coordinator accounts. The coordinator accounts have all of the teacher functions below, plus they can also enroll teachers, schools and districts.

Teacher Accounts

Enroll students:
Edit/view student information. Access student test & quiz scores along with current grade percentages. Access student usage in the program. Determine if each student is reading the lessons, and doing the homework. Edit test lockout system to control testing environment. (i.e. Proctor exams) View lessons, quizzes, tests, final, homework, solution manual. Send and receive messages with the online message center. Enable or disable solution manual lockout.

Program Control:
Open: Students can work on individual chapters or proceed through the course. Students can take each test/quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores is calculated into their grade. Teachers can change the amount of times a student can take each test/quiz.

Closed: Students must get 70% on a chapter test to progress to the next chapter (This is best for students at risk) Teachers can also change this percentage to meet their school's requirements.

Coordinator/Admin Accounts

Coordinators have all the functions above, plus they can enroll teachers, add schools and districts. Coordinators can block teachers from enrolling students, and purchase credits for their schools for student enrollment.