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The publishing division of Westcott Courses, LLC is a leading provider of online digital curriculum for our nation's schools. We have provided content to schools & colleges since 1996. Our Omega MathTM courses are respected and known for their rigor and student success. Our courses are engaging, motivating and interactive.

We offer full online courses for schools and colleges. Each course contain lessons with student interactive problems, homework, solution manuals, quizzes, chapter tests and a final. The lessons are packed with examples which start with the easiest level, and move slowly to the more advanced problems. Between these levels are student interactive problems which help the student store the information into long term memory. The tests and quizzes are dynamic which means no two tests are the same. Students can take each test and quiz twice, and the higher of the two scores is applied towards his/her grade. Teachers may change the number of times a student takes a test and quiz to any number they choose. Having a second chance at a test or quiz means a student slows down to figure out what they did wrong. This is an important layer to learning mathematics.

Teachers have many options to customize their student's learning environment, and our digital curriculum is known for being VERY user friendly for both student and teacher! Within just a few minutes a teacher or student can navigate within their account with ease.

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