Textbook-free Courses

Textbook-free Course

Westcott Courses is the content publisher for many of our classes. We offer a large selection of courses that don't need textbooks. All the content you will need for the course comes with the cost of the course.

Textbook prices are rising. Most publishers release new editions of textbooks that add little value. Each time a new edition comes out, colleges decide to use the most up to date edition. This requires students to spend hundreds of dollars for their textbooks. This makes it next to impossible for students to save money by buying used books. Also, it also makes the value of selling books back to a book store low.

At Westcott Courses we don't have new editions of our content. We believe when possible, the cost of the course should cover the cost of the content. That's why we update our content with new examples, fixes, and other improvements, so students always get the most up to date content for the price of their class. We listen to student feedback, and use that feedback to improve our content.