Instruction for Transferring Credits

Westcott Courses/Omega Math is the teacher of the courses, and our exclusive partner university is UMass Global. UMass Global is regionally accredited by W.A.S.C., and awards the semester credits and transcript for the individual classes. Students enroll through this site, and complete their online coursework with us. We send their registration into UMass Global and post a grade when the coursework is completed. Students are then given the information on how to order their transcript from UMass Global's records office.

Since Westcott Courses is the teacher, we do not appear on the transcript. The official transcript from UMass Global will show the course as if you'd taken a class at their campus. Taking a course through Westcott Courses does not require being enrolled at UMass Global; anyone can receive university credits through UMass Global, part of the Chapman University System!

What information does my college need?

Your college will check three important criteria when determining if they will accept a class from an outside college.
See how our courses satisfy these requirements:

  • Is the college/university regionally accredited?
    Yes. UMass Global is regionally accredited by W.A.S.C. senior.
    View a full list of UMass Global's accreditations.

  • Are academic semester credits awarded?
    Yes. UMass Global grants academic semester credits for our courses.

  • Does the course description meet your college's requirements?
    Yes. We have written our courses to meet or exceed all U.S. college curriculum standards. This ensures our courses will most likely be approved by all other colleges, which enables the student to transfer the credits back to their home university.

Preapproval from your College

We provide prerequisite courses for many colleges & programs across the nation. If your college is one of these colleges, you won't need preapproval. Check the Associated College list for your college to see if there is an existing articulation agreement.

If not, go to the course page for your desired course and click on the "Transcript & Preapproval" tab. A link will be provided to the course on the accrediting university's site, and directions for you to request preapproval. This link has everything your counselor or registrar's office needs for preapproval. Make sure you ask for approval for the course through UMass Global, and not Westcott courses - your registrar wants to know where the credits are coming from.

Verify our Association with our Partner University:

To verify Westcott's association with UMass Global, visit this page. View the course descriptions for the available courses!
Since you are not a regular student at UMass Global, you must register through our site, and we send you registration and grade into the university.