Why Our Courses are the Best

Why our Math Courses are the Best for Students!

Best Content

Our math classes are the most effective math classes in today's market because each lesson has been classroom tested by the students for over twenty years. The lessons were written by a college Math and Computer Science teacher with an advanced degree in mathematics, as well as a master's degree in teaching mathematics.

Over the years, we have gradually identified areas in the lessons where students found certain concepts difficult to understand. Content was added and clarified in areas where students had questions, to the point where the questions ceased. Because of the many years of refining the courses, Westcott Courses receives very few math questions today.

The lessons start out with the easiest examples, and then move slowly to the more advanced problems. At each level, there are interactive problems which make sure the student understands the examples, as well as enables the student to store the information into long term memory.

Students can take each test and quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores counts towards their grade. This feature enables students to figure out what they did wrong before pushing forward, providing them with a deeper understanding of the course material.

Semester Credit or Non-Credit

Courses through Westcott Courses/Omega Math can be taken for credit or non-credit. The semester credits and official transcripts are awarded through our exclusive partner, Brandman University. Our courses meet or exceed state/national standards. For more information on our adherence to state standards, please visit our standards page.

Effective and Course Convenient

The online courses have been proven to be more effective than on-campus classes. This is due to the student's ability to go back and read a lesson several times until they completely understand the topic. This is particularly ideal for students who are behind in math, or those who may need more time or a more flexible course schedule to understand the material. It is also great for students who are gifted in math, who may not need the entire five month period to complete the class.

We receive daily emails from our students who say they finally understand math for the first time in their life, and no longer have math phobia. These students say they are grateful for our curriculum because now that they have a strong foundation in math, it is possible for them to pursue their educational goals. These comments span the last 15 years that our site has been online!

Proven Track Record

Westcott Courses' courses were initially developed as supplemental booklets for math courses which were taught in a university classroom. Over time, the content in the booklets and the curriculum used in the classroom evolved into online courses, which have been online since 1996.

Hundreds of online schools, K-12 schools, community colleges, universities have utilized our courses. Tens of thousands of individual students in the general public have also benefited from our courses.