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How it Works

These courses are available to anyone in the public who'd like to enroll. Unlike traditional colleges where one must enroll in a degree program, Westcott Courses offers individual courses that are available instantly. Westcott Courses is the teacher of the course, and the official transcript with academic semester credits comes from our partner university, UMass Global who is regionally accredited by WASC. Westcott Courses doesn't appear on the transcript; the transcript shows our courses the same way it would show a traditional class taken at the university's campus.

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Teachers for the course:

The classes are self-paced; however, a teacher is attached to each course who holds at least a master's degree in their field of study (or related). Most of our teachers are teachers who teach the exact same course on either a California State University or Community college campus.

Omega MathTM Courses:

Courses that have the trademark of "Omega MathTM" are courses that have been written by our Omega Math team, and have a format that students love! These courses contain all the lessons, homework, solution manuals, quizzes, tests and the final. Students can take each test and quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores counts towards their grade. This feature enables students to figure out what they did wrong before pushing forward, providing them with a deeper understanding of the course material.