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Who Uses
Westcott Courses?


Here's are few examples of students who benefit from Westcott Courses:

  • Students who don't want to be confined to a regular semester system, and want to start courses today, and finish on their schedule!
  • Individuals who want to take a course(s), receive college semester credits, and then transfer the course(s) to their home college.
  • Students going into nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant, dental, pharmacy and other health related fields who need fast-track prerequisites for their programs.
  • Students who need to brush up on their math and/or English skills.
  • Students who cannot get into a 4-year transferable class at their home campus due to enrollment limits.
  • Students who need to meet a prerequisite for a higher level course.
  • Single parents with limited ability/time to continue their education.
  • Teachers who want to update their credentials.
  • Students who are concerned about the growing cost of college courses and textbooks and wish to save on their educational costs.

Corporations, Small Business and Government Agencies.

Many employers require their employees to have a certain amount of competency in math or other general education topics. Westcott Courses has provided online educational content and special programs for thousands of employers since 1996.

Here are a few current use cases:

  • Government agencies such as Bureau of Land Management use our basic math skills course to educate their employees.
  • Associated Builders and Contractors use our Elementary Algebra for their student electricians.
  • Jicarilla Apache Oil and Gas use our math and English courses for their employees.
  • Specified Testing Labs use our Microbiology with lab course for their employees.


Colleges often need remedial math and English courses for their students. Westcott Courses provides a convenient all-in-one package of learning management system, college administrator backend, and course content that is easy for teachers and students to use.

Below are a few colleges who use our courses:

  • University of Notre Dame uses our Intermediate Algebra course as a prerequisite for their Executive MBA program.
  • Valencia Tutors (WASC accredited) uses our 4-year transferable courses for their students to get a head start on college courses.
  • California Community Colleges such as College of the Desert and Southwestern College uses our math courses to remediate their students.
  • Thomas Aquinas College uses our math courses to remediate their students.


Westcott Courses can develop custom math content and learning management functionality at and provide an all-in-one solution at the university as well. Below are a few examples of what we have done for universities:

  • Cal State Maritime uses our Math and English courses for supportive course work for their students. We also developed custom reporting functionality for Cal State Maritime.
  • We developed custom student tracking & reporting tools, as well as a completely custom math Early Start course for San Francisco State University.
  • Develop and provide administration of custom online math or GE course content and/or provide an outsourced extended education department.
  • And the largest project of them all - Our Omega MathTM courses and learning management system were initially developed as one of the first online math programs for California Polytechnic State University in 1996!

K-12 schools

Westcott Courses can provide an all-in-one online math solution for K-12 students.

Below are a few examples of K-12 schools and districts we service:

  • Mount Pisgah Academy uses our statistics course through UMass Global to meet their student's math requirement for a 4-year degree. This enables their students have their college math requirement met before they start their freshman year!
  • Rincon Valley Christian School uses our math courses for their student's curriculum.

Large online K-12 providers use our curriculum for their schools:

  • Learning Springs
  • Ace Digital

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