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Physical Therapy Prerequisites
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Physical therapy prerequisite course
Westcott Courses offers online fast-track transferable college level physical therapy prerequisite courses.

Westcott's accelerated learning permits physical therapy prerequisites to be completed online. Students can sign up any day of the year, start that same day, and finish in one to six months.

All of our courses are completely online, including labs. For example, we use the University of Wisconsin's school of medicine's open source videos for our Human Anatomy labs. We use the University of Oregon's online virtual chemistry laboratories for our Chemistry course.

Five months of access are provided to complete the course (with a 30 day extension at the end if needed), and most students finish the science courses in 6-8 weeks. Health care workers and student’s who have had the course before, usually finish the course in the minimum four weeks, but all students have up to six months to complete the course.

All coursework is done from home, and only the final exam is proctored. Students can use our approved online proctor for their final exam, so the entire physical therapy prerequisite course can be completed online, from anywhere across the globe!


Our exclusive partner university is University of Massachusetts Global (UMass Global). They are regionally accredited by the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), and award an official transcript with semester credits for our courses. 

Once a student finishes a physical therapy prerequisite course, their grade is sent to UMass Global. Students then order their transcript directly from UMass Global's records office. Since Westcott Courses is the teacher, we do not appear on the transcript. The official transcript from UMass Global will show our course the same way it would show a traditional class taken on their campus, and it does not say the course was completed online.

Our Teachers

Each online physical therapy prerequisite course is designed by a teacher from a California State University or a California Community College who holds at least a master's degree in their field of study (or a related field), and have 20+ years of experience.

Our teachers teach the exact same course at either a state university or community college campus. We work closely with University of Massachusetts Global (UMass Global), which is accredited by the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), to create online curriculum that meets or exceeds college requirements for remedial and transferable courses. Our partnership allows you to transfer semester credits to your home university upon completing the course.

How enrollment works

There are no application fees, just fill out the one page form and you will be enrolled in the course.  Each course and lab is entirely online, and a free textbook is included.  
***Once you enroll in the first course, log into your account, click on "My Courses" and then "Add a New Course". Adding a second course this way will link your accounts together and save you from filling out the enrollment form multiple times.***

Please call 415-603-4088 for free academic advising or help enrolling.

Note: Students can take the course part without the lab, but the lab cannot be taken without the main course.

-BIOU 201 Human Anatomy (A&P l) - [Lecture Enrollment], [Lab Enrollment]
-BIOU 202 Human Physiology (A&P ll)  - [Lecture Enrollment], [Lab Enrollment]
-BIOU 203 Microbiology - [Lecture Enrollment], [Lab Enrollment]
-CHMU 102 Principles of Chemistry - [Lecture Enrollment], [Lab Enrollment]
-BIOU 101 Introduction to Biology - [Lecture Enrollment ], [Lab Enrollment]
-CHMU 110 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry - [Lecture Enrollment ], [Lab Enrollment]
-FSNU 202 Human Nutrition
-PSYU 110Developmental Psychology - Life Span

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Textbook-free courses!

Textbook prices are rising! Most publishers release new editions of textbooks that add little value, and each time a new edition comes out, colleges decide to use it, rendering the old edition useless. This adds an undue financial burden on students to purchase these new editions in order to complete mandatory credits. This also makes it next to impossible for students to save money by buying and selling used textbooks.

Because we want education to be accessible to all students, we have made it our mission to make as many of our courses as possible textbook-free. Meaning students will not be responsible for the purchase of textbooks for the majority of our courses.

All of our science courses use open source textbooks from Rice University, as well as open source materials for the laboratories. Thus, there are no textbook fees for our physical therapy prerequisite or health-related online courses.

There are few remaining online college courses that require a textbook, but we are currently working on turning those textbook-free as well!

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