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The Westcott Advantage

Effective and Convenient Learning Experience

We have been providing online courses for students K12 through university level since 1996. Our LMS is simple and easy to use. We focus on creating the most convenient learning experience possible while providing individualized student support.

The curriculum for each course is designed by a teacher from a California Community College or a California State University. Each teacher is hand-picked for their excellent ratings from students and proven track records at their respective institution. Our courses are extensively tested in the classroom, and are accredited through the University of Massachusetts Global.

Our online courses have been proven to be more effective than on-campus classes. This is due to the student's ability to go back and read a lesson several times until they completely understand the topic. This is ideal for students who want to work at their own pace, need a flexible schedule, or need a refresher on past concepts. This is also great for students who are gifted, having the ability to complete a class quickly, and then move onto the next course without having to wait for the following semester.

Westcott Courses takes extra care to ensure that all students are able to access the content without needing special devices or plugins. Our system is simpler and easier to use than most common LMS; allowing the student to focus on the educational experience without worries of tech problems.

The courses provide instantaneous feedback. Quizzes and tests are instantly graded, and a review of which questions are wrong is provided.

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Textbook-Free Online College Courses

As textbook prices rise, it is important to Westcott Courses to keep our classes accessible and affordable to our students. This is why we are committed to having as many of our courses as possible textbook-free. Meaning students will not be responsible for the purchase of textbooks for the majority of our courses.

Most publishers release new editions of textbooks that add little value, and each time a new edition comes out, colleges decide to use it, rendering the old edition useless. This adds an undue financial burden on students to purchase these new editions in order to complete mandatory credits. This also makes it next to impossible for students to save money by buying and selling used textbooks. 

All of our science courses use open source textbooks from Rice University, as well as open source materials for the laboratories. Thus, there are no textbook fees for our health-related online courses.

Westcott Courses is the content publisher of the Omega MathTM courses. For these online courses, we have written and software engineered all the lessons, homework, solution manuals, quizzes and tests. Our content has many more examples than a regular textbook, and thus the student is unattached from a traditional textbook.

We have a few remaining online college courses that require a textbook, but we are currently working on turning those textbook-free as well!

Proven Track Record

Since 1996, we have worked with thousands of online schools, K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities to develop and deliver mathematics and general education content and programs to hundreds of thousands of students.

Students, universities, and employers have all trusted Westcott Courses for custom content and learning solutions.

For more information about Westcott Courses, our values, and our mission, please see About Us.

Testimonial:  I took my final exam for Microbiology from Westcott a couple of months ago.  Since then, I got accepted to Yale School of Medicine!  Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have made the deadline without your flexible schedule!

The Omega Math Advantage

Our Omega MathTM courses were written by a college Math and Computer Science professor with an advanced degree in mathematics, as well as a master's degree in teaching mathematics. The math content has been tested in classrooms for over 25 years, and are some of the best online math courses available today!

Over the years, we have gradually identified areas in the lessons where students found certain concepts difficult to understand. Content was added and clarified in these areas where students had questions or difficulties. Because of the many years of refining the courses, students are able to grasp the concepts on their own, and Westcott Courses receives very few questions asking to clarify math lessons today. 

The lessons start out with the easiest examples, and then move slowly to the more advanced problems. At each level, there are interactive problems which make sure the student understands the examples.

Students can take each test and quiz twice, and only the higher of the two scores counts towards their grade. This feature enables students to figure out what they did wrong before moving forward, providing them with plenty of practice as well as a deeper understanding of the course material to help store the process into long term memory. We pair up the homework problems, so that the student can find the answer worked out in detail for all types of questions.

We receive daily emails from our students who say they finally understand math for the first time in their life, and no longer have math phobia! These students say they are grateful for our curriculum because now that they have a strong foundation in math, it is possible for them to pursue their educational goals. These comments span the last 25 years that our site has been online! 

"I am taking my third math course through Westcott and I'm really enjoying your Omega Math format.  I have learned so much from your courses, and have one more course to complete before I will meet my math prerequisites for entrance into my Engineering program. Thank you for offering this program!"
Jeffrey Richardson
Westcott Student

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